Program Streams

Join us at the second annual Indigenous History and Heritage Gathering and be part of these essential conversations, paving the way for a more inclusive and empowered society.

* Sessions will be held in English only

Program Streams At a Glance

Residential and Day Schools

Join us for continued conversations about ongoing work to identify missing children and share truths about institutions of assimilation. Survivors, working group leaders, and heritage professionals will discuss various aspects of this work, including archival research, statement gathering, community engagement, and ground searches. Participate in honouring the strength of Survivors and communities as we continue to work towards reconciliation. 

Preserving Language and Culture

Experience the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous languages and cultures at the second annual Indigenous History and Heritage Gathering. Presenters from across Turtle Island will discuss the critical importance and practical methods of preserving and revitalizing Indigenous languages and traditions. Engage in thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions about the efforts being made to safeguard and share this invaluable heritage. 

Sharing Stories

At the Indigenous History and Heritage Gathering, we invite you to listen, learn, and share stories that have shaped Indigenous communities throughout history. Talented Indigenous storytellers who work in a variety of mediums, including film, art, and literature, will discuss the methods they use to engage diverse audiences in Indigenous history. 

Land Back

Uncover the essential dialogue surrounding the Land Back movement at the Indigenous History and Heritage Gathering. Learn about the deep-rooted connection between Indigenous peoples and their ancestral lands. Engage in conversations about land restoration, sovereignty, and environmental stewardship. Get inspired to strive for a future where we honour the land’s significance and promote sustainable and harmonious relationships. 

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