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* Sessions will be held in English only

Historic Claims

History on Trial

On this panel, speakers will discuss how questioning and reframing our understanding of the past can shed new light on contemporary Indigenous issues.

Funding Research to Support Historic Claims

Accessing funding for historic research can be complex. This panel will offer practical advice on how Nations can access funding, including the benefits and drawbacks of different funding programs.

Residential and Day Schools

Sharing the Stories

Hear from Indigenous leaders who are working with their communities to commemorate the history of residential schools for future generations.


An Incomplete Record

Learn about what records exists to support communities conducting research into residential schools and the gaps in the historical record.

The Legacy of Historical Records

Truth commissions and inquiries often collect tens of thousands of sources and oral histories. Hear how these sources are used and preserved from those who have firsthand experience on past commissions.

Place and Naming

Practical Examples

Analyzing case studies of high-profile renaming projects, this panel will showcase how organizations are working to replace harmful colonial place names with Indigenous ones.

Names Matter

Explore the value of instituting Indigenous place names from leaders who are returning traditional names to the landscape.


Language and Culture

Language Revitalization

This panel will feature speakers who have integrated historical research into their work on Language Revitalization.

Supporting Indigenous Self-Determination in Museums

This session will feature Indigenous and non-Indigenous curators, researchers and museum professionals discussing what’s broken in the way we present indigenous history in museums.

History and the Sharing of Culture through Tourism

Indigenous Tourism providers are sharing their culture and history with tourists in record numbers. This panel will discuss how History can be leveraged to provide tourists with authentic experiences.

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